SIMM helps you increase your net worth, we specialize in :
Retirement Planning
401(k) and all Rollovers
Post Death Transfers
Company Pension Plans
Maximized Return with Low Turnover
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SIMM Advantages and Advisory Fees:
  • Based on Nobel Prize Winning concept of Modern Portfolio Theory
  • Uses No-Load Vanguard Index Funds (No Front or Back-End Loads)
  • No Commissions or 12b-1 fees
  • Lower Portfolio Turnover (16% versus 85% for most mutual funds)
  • Lower Trading Costs (Less Turnover)
  • Lower Expense Ratio (.35% versus 1.27% Equity Fund Average)
  • Lower Capital Gains Taxes (Less Trading)
  • 100% Liquid, get money within 3-4 business days
  • Complies with American Law Institute's "Prudent Investor Rules"
  • Broader Diversification than a typical portfolio of mutual funds
  • Provides the Protection of Dissimilar Price Movement Diversification
Advisory Fees per Year
$3K to $249,999   .75%

Next $250K to $499,999   .50%

Over $500K   .25%

These fees plus the annual operating expenses of the SIMM portfolios (.35%) result in 1.1% in annual operating expenses which is still less than the equity fund average of 1.4% and these expenses have been climbing. We automatically apply the advisory fee to your account on a quarterly basis.
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