SIMM helps you increase your net worth, we specialize in :
Retirement Planning
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Post Death Transfers
Company Pension Plans
Maximized Return with Low Turnover
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SIMM Portfolios:

   Important Notice: All investments involve risk including loss of principal. Foreign securities involve additional risks including foreign currency changes, political risks, foreign taxes and different methods of accounting and financial reporting.

   Periodically the firm has changed the funds used in construction of SIMM portfolios as a part of the quarterly rebalancing process. SIMM utilizes an optimal mix of Index Funds due to low operating expenses.

   A prospectus for each of these funds can be received thru the custodian's website. You may obtain more information about Timothy J. Wallender, Registered Investment Advisor by calling 310-545-1977 and requesting a copy of the firm’s most recent ADV as filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission and the California Department of Corporations. The term "Fee Only" refers to both the advisor and the practice with no commissions ever received from Vanguard or any other mutual fund family.

   There are no hidden front end loads, 12b-1 fees or back end loads. Investment Policy Statements should not be construed as a Comprehensive Financial Plan as it focuses on the limited area of retirement planning. Regarding company pension plans such as 401(k), SIMPLE, SAR-SEPs and other similar programs, each individual company is responsible for third party administrative services such as Department of Labor and Internal Revenue Service filings, top-heavy calculations and other administrative functions.

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